Pickles & Salsas

Jams & Jellies

Add a touch of style to your table with delicious home made treats and eats that will satisfy even the pickiest of eatters.


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About Us

As two gals trying to stay out of mischief, we’ve found a flair for creating new recipes and handcrafting unique treats for our own homes. Starting with jams and jellies, we began sharing our creations with neighbors and loved ones, while continuing to perfect our craft. Over the years it has evolved into baked goods, candies, unique kits, and meal jars that are easy enough for anyone to cook a family dinner that is absolutely delicious. As our sweet treats became a must have for our friends, we felt it was only right to start sharing these special creations with our town.

“These DELICIOUS meal jars fed my picky family of four and put a smile on each of their faces!”

- Amanda P

“You all have the best pickle relish in town, I just can’t get enough!”

- Rebecca E